Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cole & Son Wallpaper

Recently my mom showed me one of her favorite Instagram accounts -- Cole & Son Wallpapers. Her love affair with Cole & Son began in Bath, England where she stayed in a flat adorned with their classic Hummingbird pattern.  I have to agree with her. Their Instagram feed is like a candy store for design enthusiasts. 

Whether your taste is classic, funky, or otherworldly, you’re bound to salivate.  Mom’s current personal favorite? The dancing monkeys -yes, they make their wallpaper dance. Mine? The monkeys eating.

Cole & Sons papers have a process of hand-painting a block of the initial design that’s repeated when printed. They’re known for their historic reproductions and bespoke designs, but they’ve definitely met the modern age head-on with some amazing prints. From woodland themes to abstracts, their designs definitely make a statement.  Check them out: @cole_and_sons_wallpapers!  

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