Sunday, October 28, 2018

Home Crush of The Month: The Borden-Macomber House

This month's home crush is different than houses I've covered in the past.  It's not beautifully decorated and tastefully updated. It doesn't have the best view in town (though there is a pretty one from the widow's walk) and it's not impeccably landscaped.  In fact, it's a complete mess and is in need of a total rehab.  I choose it as this month's home crush because I think the architecture in this house is absolutely breathtaking and I'm inspired by what this home could look like once someone gives it the attention it needs.

65 Immokolee Drive in Portsmouth is technically zoned as a multifamily home.  For that reason, the buyer may want to consider keeping the exterior staircase as a means of egress for the second unit.  Picture the home with a nice coat of paint.  (I'm always partial to simple white, but a light blue/grey color with cream trim and a black door could be pretty as well.)

I'll be honest, I don't know much about landscaping - I'll have to ask my brother his opinion - but I feel like some hydrangeas and/or simple boxwoods by the front of the house would be pretty.  The driveway will obviously need to be redone and a proper front walk is necessary, but overall I think less is always more when it comes to the exterior of a home.  Keep things will be easier to maintain!

Lately, I've been into foyers that make a statement (think bold stripes as in this photo), but in this particular house I would probably go with white or beige and add pops of color through the artwork.

I have to say, I'm OBSESSED with these windows.  Sure, the buyer of this home will have a ton of work restoring them (and the floors and the ceilings, and the fireplaces, bathrooms, and kitchens, haha), but it will be worth it!  I only hope that whoever takes on this project, keeps the house as true to the period as possible.  It drives me nuts when someone takes an old home and strips it of its charm.  The floors, windows, fireplaces, and detail add character to a house that is rarely replicated in this day and age!

This home has a ton of different potential uses.  It would make a gorgeous single family home but could be used as a multi-family property, Air BnB or perhaps a Bed and Breakfast. (You would need to go through zoning for this option, obviously.)  Picture yourself in a room like this, or going to sleep at night here.  What a great place to spend your time.  No matter what happens to this home in the future, I hope I have a chance to see its progress!

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