Friday, July 6, 2018

Home Crush of the Month: An Antique Colonial in Kingston Village

I may be a little biased when it comes to this month's home crush, and that's because it happens to be my mother's house. It's not my childhood home, but she's lived in this house for the past 10 years and the transformation that my mom and step-dad did in that time is remarkable (at least in my opinion).

When she first purchased the home, it was a multifamily property that was rented to URI students. We found out rather quickly that the house has a reputation around town for the parties that had been thrown there throughout the decades.

When I say that this place needed a total rehab, I'm not exaggerating.  The difficult part was them living in the house as the work was being done.  Just to give you a short summary of what took place...

-ceilings were redone
-walls were knocked down
-bathrooms were remodeled
-the kitchen was remodeled
-built-ins were added
-painted the entire house inside and out
-floors were pulled up and refinished

Is it weird that I think these projects are fun?  It's a mess during the process but when it all comes back together and you are able to make an old house your new home, I can't help but think it's worth it.  

When decorating, my mom always try to keep everything true to the period as possible, while making things suitable for modern living. I love the way she combines old with new to make the home feel up to date. It makes things comfortable and cozy.

The house is almost done (just a little bit more to do on the second floor), and she's already starting to think about another project. We actually listed the house for a few weeks, but after missing out on the perfect property, she took it off the market until something better comes along. I'm excited at the idea of a new project (I'll be sure to take before pictures next time), but on the other hand, it is nice to enjoy something that's complete. My boyfriend is looking to buy a multifamily that needs work (who knows if that will even be possible in Newport with this market) so I'm sure I have my fair share of designing in the future. I'll keep you updated!

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