Monday, April 30, 2018


Candles are something that I always like to have burning at home because they set the mood for a room as soon as you walk into it. They immediate relax me when I've had a stressful day and are the perfect way to create a welcoming home.  I tend to go for more natural or clean smelling scents such as beach sand or fresh linen in warmer months and pine around Christmas time.  Over the years I've found that I keep coming back to the same brands time and time again.  I'm always disappointed when a candle is either too strong or doesn't throw a scent at all. The candles listed below are by far the best that I have come across.

Jo Malone Candles: My favorite candle brand hands down has to be Jo Malone because I love their unique combination of subtle scents.  Wood Sage & Seasalt is the best in my opinion (it's also the perfume I wear daily) but there are other candles such as English Pear & Freesia (the prettiest feminine scent) and Pomegranate Noir which is perfect when snuggling up with a good book next to a fire. Different scents are released constantly so I'm always on the lookout for something new.  Their beautiful packaging also helps to make them great hostess gifts!

Lafco Candles: I stumbled across Lafco Candles a couple years ago in a decor store in Newport.  Not only are the scents amazing, but I thought it was a unique idea to have all of the candles named after different rooms in a house (Living Room, Office, Kitchen, Powder Room) or different types of homes (Ski House, Beach House, Villa, etc.). It wasn't until my mother received a White Grapefruit Candle as a gift that I realized the line had expended. We loved it so much that I got her the Master Bedroom Candle scented with Chamomile and Lavender for Christmas.  These candles are pretty big so they last forever which is always a bonus. 

Shore Soap Company: Bringing it close to home (literally), I can't talk about candles without mentioning Shore Soap Company. The company was started five years ago by a Newport couple when they started to experiment with making soap in their home.  Since then, they have expanded their product line and have a flagship store right downtown. My old manager introduced me to their products after giving me their Soft Sand Candle as a gift.  All of their products' scents are inspired by the seaside lifestyle which is obvious with names such as "Mermaid Kisses" and "Sea Spray."  People say that your strongest memories are attached to your sense of smell which is exactly why I am so drawn to this brand.  Each and every one of their scents, help to bring the outside in, as a constant reminder of the city I love.

Even though I love all of these brands, I'm always on the hunt for something new.  If you have any suggestions on which candles to try next, please feel free to shoot me a message!

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