Monday, January 29, 2018

Gramercy Park Apartment

Several months ago One Kings Lane published an article on interior designer Cece Barfield Thompson's New York City apartment. I oohed and awed over the home then so when I recently stumbled across it for the second time,  I knew that I had to share it.

Quick side note:  Not too long ago, I was at an antique store debating whether or not a french headboard would match well with the rest of my apartment.  The owner overheard my debate and interrupted to say, "You need to purchase quality items that you love, and then your home will automatically come together."  She was right (or just a good saleswoman) so I bought the headboard. That is exactly what I love about Cece's apartment.  Her home seems to be filled with treasures either handed down or purchased throughout her travels, yet they come together perfectly to create an eclectic, comfortable and welcoming home.

True to my usual style, I love the fact that Cece updated her apartment so that it was livable, but didn't make it so modern that the history of the 19th century building wasn't able to shine through. Her choice of wooden counters and classic cabinets help to keep the kitchen traditional, yet the fun tile floors and splash of blue make the kitchen feel more current.

And, can we talk about these bedrooms for a minute?! What a statement!  The drapery around the beds makes them fit for a queen.  Cece did a great job making each room appear interesting with different fabrics and textures, despite being relatively monochromatic in color.

In the article, Cece states, "Just because something is usually thought to be more adult doesn't mean it can't be perfectly at home in a child's room.  I think it's better to buy things that you can have forever and your kids and grow into."  This is a thought that I had never really considered before, but couldn't agree with more.  At 27 years old, I would love the have the dresser, mirror, bed, and chandelier above in my own bedroom, yet when styled with the appropriate bedding and accessories, everything comes together perfectly to create a dreamy little girl's room. 

And I've saved the best for last. Once again, Cece took a monochromatic look and made is interesting by using a variety of materials and textures.  The light grey in this bathroom helps to make a tiny space feel more expansive and you have to love the high ceilings! The final selling point? Cece utilizes every nook and cranny. How cute is that miniature tub?

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