Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lee Ave

Even though I'm thrilled with my new apartment, these pictures of my old place left me feeling a little nostalgic. To think, when I moved in here, all the walls were painted brown and orange! I did a lot of work and only stayed one year!

I found these ripped up chairs at an auction and still haven't decided what material to reupholster them with yet.

My  favorite sofa has seen better days since moving.  Hoisting it 30' in the air and pushing it through a window antiqued it more than I was hoping for!

After a glass of wine, my mom got inspired to paint the dining room merlot, even though I had just given it two coats of white. Two more drinks and three more coats of merlot later, the dining room was finally done!

Well, that was pretty much it.  My old apartment didn't turn out quite like what I had originally envisioned because I ran out of time before finding my new place but I'm loving how that's turning out.  Pictures to come!

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