Monday, September 19, 2016

Here We Go Again!

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I have literally moved at least once a year since I was 13 years old.  Whether it be moving to a dorm in boarding school, relocating for a job after college, or simply needing to live by myself, I was never in a situation that allowed me to stay put.  That's why when I moved last September, I swore that I would stay in that apartment long-term.  Well, it turns out that old habits are hard to break because when an past landlord contacted me saying he had an apartment coming available, I had to jump on it! (You just can't beat the location of this place.)  So, once again, I am packing up my things and moving at the end of the month!

As always, my mind has been racing with decorating ideas.  I have a bad habit of wanting something completely different every time I move, but being a twenty-something girl who works on commissions, this isn't exactly plausible.  Nonetheless, that hasn't stopped me in the past and I doubt it will stop me now!

My current apartment is bright, has lots of jewel tones and is slightly formal.  (I recently realized I never shared my current place.  I'll do my best to do so before I move, but since I already started packing, no promises.)  I want my next place to feel a little calmer with neutral colors, lots of plants, and less tchotchkes.  I want an elegant, but lived in look.

As to be expected, I have been spending a good chunk of my down time on Pinterest looking for inspirations.  Below are a few of the photos that have caught my eye so far..

Image One // Two // Three

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